Lifeless Vanguard

Press Kit


  • Developer: Vibrant Allegory, based in Marrakech, Morocco
  • Publisher: Vibrant Allegory
  • Website:
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Release Dates

  • Steam (PC): Apr 4, 2019
  • Mac & Linux: TBA
  •, TBA
  • Nintendo Switch: TBA
Regular price
  • USD 4.99
  • EUR 3.99
  • GBP 3.99


  • Zouhair Serrar: Art, Design and Programming.

Grant of Permission

Vibrant Allegory hereby grants permission to any user to capture footage from the game app, and use informations and graphical assets in this press kit in their videos and articles (for the purposes of review, let’s play, live streaming, or speedrun), and monetize their content.

About Us

Vibrant Allegory is an indie game development studio from Morocco, Marrakech. Founded early 2019 by Zouhair Serrar.

Zouhair is a 30-year-old software developer, self-taught game artist and designer. Zouhair is passionate about video games and becoming a game developer was his dream since childhood.

He made a few HTML5 browser games in 2013, made a small web game in 2014 and two mobile games in 2015 and 2016. They were stepping stones to making more ambitious games, since his goal was always to make games for the PC and consoles market.


Lifeless Vanguard is about shooting spaceships to make them go BOOM … without going BOOM yourself! The goal is simple: fight your way through a massive fleet of hostile forces and take down their mothership. Prove you’re the best, get your name to the top of the leaderboard!


The idea for Lifeless Vanguard came from a desire to create an arcade shooter experience where the player is able to highly focus on shooting and dodging enemy bullets. Zouhair wanted to move away from inventory management, complicated loot mechanics, and other noisy features that distract from the simple pleasure of shooting stuff and see it blow up. 

Zouhair spent two years perfecting the idea through multiple prototypes and playtests, and about six months actually executing what later became Lifeless Vanguard.

Zouhair is a big fan of retro and modern arcade shooters. Some of the mechanics of the game were inspired by classics like Ikaruga, Raiden, Danmaku, and also more recent releases such as Nex Machina, Assault Android Cactus, Nuclear Throne and Enter the Gungeon. However, what Zouhair was inspired by above all else was the brutal but fair difficulty of these titles. The kind of difficulty that makes winning even sweeter.

Some of the key decisions made during the development process were :

  • Instead of having multiple weapons and having to manage an inventory, which would take attention away from the action, the player only has one machinegun that has between 6 and 9 tiers of upgrades. She also has a bomb that damages enemies and clears all projectiles in a radius, and can also shoot rockets at the second and third tiers.
  • There is no dungeon exploration, no walls, no cover, all the action happens in a rectangular arena, the game puts the player in the heat of battle, there is nowhere to hide!
  • No difficulty selection: we designed difficulty in Lifeless Vanguard such as all players of all skill levels would enjoy going through the levels and would have the same experience of the game. The first waves of enemies are rather easy, they’re a warmup for experienced players and a chance to get better for newbies. The game has a brutal but fair difficulty curve, and we want all players of all skill levels to taste the sweet sweet feeling of victory when they get the chance of seeing the ending cinematic.


  • An intense single-player arcade shooter experience
  • 9 challenging levels to beat in a single run, includes 3 increasingly difficult boss fights
  • 16 enemy types each with their own movement and attack patterns
  • An experience-based progression system that upgrades your weapons and allows you to become a dangerous destruction machine
  • A rising difficulty curve reminiscent of the classic arcade games that will challenge even the most seasoned players
  • Intuitive mouse and keyboard controls with full support for game controllers, all controls are rebindable in the settings menu.
  • 8 achievements that will take a great deal of skill to get!
  • Steam leaderboard to compare your score with your friends or other players



Screenshots and other Graphical Assets

Link to zip archive. Contains screenshots, logos and a PDF version of this page.